Cruise-related jobs in Canada
Cruise passengers worldwide
Generated by cruise in Canada in 2016

The Facts

  • Cruise related activity in Canada generates substantial economic growth.  
  • During the 2016 cruise season, Canadian ports received more than 2 million passengers on hundreds of cruise calls. 
  • BC ports in NanaimoPrince RupertVictoria and Vancouver account for over half of all of Canada’s cruise passenger traffic. 


The Figures

  • Direct spending by cruise lines in Canada totaled $933 million in 2016, including items such as goods and services necessary for cruise operations, shore-side staffing, port fees & services, equipment, and advertising & promotion.
  • Direct spending by cruise passengers – including lodging, tours & transportation, food & beverage, and retail – totaled just over half a billion dollars in 2016, a 12% increase since 2012.
  • The number of jobs generated by the industry in Canada – direct and indirect – is estimated at just over 23,000, paying just over $1 billion in salaries and wages.


Economic Benefits to the Canadian Economy

  • Spending by cruise passengers and crew:
    • shore excursions
    • restaurants
    • retail goods
    • travel to and from the port
    • hotels and entertainment before and after the voyage
  • Spending by the cruise lines to maintain cruise operations:
    • food and beverage
    • port services
    • fuel
    • vessel maintenance and repair 
  • Shore-side benefits:
    • local employment
    • land transportation for passengers and crew
    • supporting local tourism