In Italy, kids are eating delicious and nutritious meals that were once surplus food prepared onboard ships for cruise passengers. In Miami, families in need are sleeping in comfortable beds with frames donated by cruise lines. At sea, cruise ships are assisting with ocean research and implementing and supporting recycling practices. As a result of those and similar efforts, the cruise industry is demonstrating its commitment to the environment and overall sustainability.

Said Bill Burke, chief maritime officer for Carnival Corporation: “We all understand a healthy environment is not just an operating necessity, but it is also the right thing to do.”

To that end, Carnival Corporation recently released its 2016 sustainability report, Sustainability from Ship to Shore. The report covers how the company, with its 10 global brands, has made tangible strides toward its 2020 sustainability performance goals—and is even ahead of schedule in achieving a nearly 25 percent reduction in CO2 emissions (equivalent carbon dioxide) relative to the 2005 baseline. The company is also on track to meet its additional sustainability goals during the next three years.

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